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Telegram may be one of the most popular messaging services in the world, but there are still many people who don't know all about it. This app is often mentioned in discussions related to online privacy and security, but aren't all messaging apps safe? Don't the more popular apps like WhatsApp andFacebook Messenger (despite their ties to Facebook) also have the legendary "end-to-end" encryption? What makes Telegram so special? What is Telegram?
What is Telegram? What is Telegram app? This is a cross-platform messaging service application founded by Russian businessman Pavel Durov. It first launched on iOS and Android in late 2013 and now has around 500 million monthly users. Telegram's user base tends to grow whenever a privacy scandal hits one of its larger competitors. What makes Telegram unique is its focus on privacy, encryption, and an open source API. There are countless unofficial clients that go with the official Telegram apps and web interface. It also allows multiple devices to use the same account (verified by SMS) and multiple accounts on the same device. Telegram of which country? Telegram was launched in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. are the people behind the social network VKontake - Russia. Telegram application was developed by Durov to become a messaging application based on cloud computing technology with high security. Telegram software currently has more than 300 million users worldwide (figures published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission,2019).
Features of Telegram software Telegram's core functionality is the same as most other messaging apps: You can message other Telegram users, create group chats, call contacts, and send files and stickers. However, there are a few specific features that make it work differently from other chat apps. Telegram's main feature is privacy and to ensure this it uses end-to-end encryption. This is what prevents people outside of a two-way conversation – be it a company, government, hacker or someone else – from seeing what was sent. However, Telegram only uses this encryption in calls and in the “secret chat” feature, not in regular chats. Those are just encrypted clients to the server. Meanwhile, WhatsApp, the supposedly less secure service, has been using end-to-end encryption in messages, calls and video calls since 2016. Another security feature is the username. Instead of giving people your phone number, you can simply give them your username. This gives you greater control over what information is available online and how people can contact you in the future.
Is Telegram safe to use? All in all, Telegram is safe or secure than most other chat apps. It could be argued that WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption on all messages is a better approach, but the company's relationship with Facebook could turn off privacy advocates. Also, if you are using the “secret chat” feature, you will get the same level of end-to-end encryption. That is, users cannot forward or screenshot messages in secret chats, and messages can be programmed to self-destruct.
Deleting a message will also delete it for everyone on the service, and users have the option to delete not only their own messages, but other users' messages as well. Selling your data is not at the core of Telegram's business model. According to Telegram's FAQ page, the company is sponsored by founder and CEO Pavel Durov, without advertising or data collection and sharing. On the same page, Telegram also lists one of two internet privacy principles as “protecting your personal data from third parties, such as marketers, advertisers, etc.” That is in stark contrast to the multitude of services offered by Facebook, Google, Amazon and others. End-to-end encrypted secret chats keep users' privacy secure Is Telegram free? Telegram software is free to use and is supported by founder and CEO Pavel Durov. The company will start adopting new monetization methods in 2021, but its core business of chat will remain free for everyone. These new monetization methods include advertising on one-to-many-channel public channels (which act like Twitter feeds), premium features for business teams and power users, and image packs paid stickers. Some of these funds will be passed back to users in the form of increased visibility for channels or as payments to creators of unique sticker packs. Can Telegram be used on PC? Since Telegram stores chats and files on a remote server instead of your device, you can also access everything (except for secret chats) from the web. Access Telegram software   via web portal or any Chrome extension. The company also makes its API publicly available for free and invites developers to create clients on other platforms. Users can also create custom bots, themes, stickers and more for free. Advantages of Telegram How to use Telegram is considered easy to use for users because of the features that have many differences between competitors. Here is a short list of some of the key features that might motivate you to switch messaging apps. Privacy security The aforementioned secret chats are where you can engage in end-to-end encrypted messaging with a contact. But that's not its only benefit: Secret chats also don't allow a person to forward a message from there or take a screenshot. Of course, someone could take a screenshot with another device, but that's still not recommended, and it's supported by another feature: self-destruct timer. Self-destruct timer If you don't want the messages in your secret chats to be saved forever, Telegram allows you to set a self-destruct timer to delete them permanently. After a message is received, it stays in the chat for a predetermined amount of time – you can choose from a second to a week – before disappearing. You'll have to take special care of privacy when you want to do this – which means you'll never have a chat log – but it's a great option that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat have. do not have. Telegram allows you to set self-destruct timers to delete them permanently. Delete global messages Since an update in 2019, Telegram has allowed users to delete messages sent by other users. It's a somewhat divisive feature. Having your messages deleted by someone else doesn't feel so good. But if your conversation is between you and someone you trust, it's another useful way to take control of your online communications. Large file size limit If you want to send large files, Telegram has many competitors with support for files up to 2GB. Meanwhile, WhatsApp's limit is 16MB, WeChat's limit is 100MB, and Skype's limit is 300MB. Telegram files are also stored in the cloud, so you can access them from other devices. Custom Telegram comes with some customization options not found in many competitors, where you can choose the dominant app color, how the app opens links, whether the UI shows animations, etc. There is also a chatbot integration where you can use bots to improve the experience. You can even create your own themes, bots and full apps using Telegram API. Disadvantages of Telegram New user announcement Another privacy mistake is that Telegram notifies your contacts when you join – unless they have previously opted out. The app doesn't warn you that it's about to ping your contacts, and that's a big warning for those who want to use Telegram to keep it low profile. Story and status Telegram lacks the Stories feature of some competing messaging apps that let you post images or short videos without directly messaging a contact. Admittedly it's not a necessary feature for most people. User Possibly the biggest drawback Telegram has compared to more popular messages is simply: popularity. Despite having hundreds of millions of fans, Telegram is still behind WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat in terms of monthly active users. If you are in the West and you meet a new contact, chances are they will prefer to use WhatsApp over Telegram messenger. Popularity creates popularity and trying to dethrone WhatsApp is an uphill battle for Telegram. Should Telegram be used? If you are a particularly private person and have trouble with news reports regarding online privacy and security breaches, you should absolutely consider using Telegram with secret chat enabled. You'll get a largely the same experience as with more popular messaging apps, with more peace of mind. That's far from saying that Telegram will protect you from all the privacy threats the online world poses – you should check out our Android privacy guide for a look. broader on that. Telegram offers just a good mix of popularity and security for those with concerns about other messaging apps.

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